Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal – where do we start……. It truly is the most amazing treatment to come to the beauty world.

It is by far the best investment, that you will put into your beauty maintance.

Who remembers good old waxing? Waiting for your hair to grow a certain length and then the pain, ouchhh.

Laser is so quick, with little to no pain, nothing compared to waxing.

You basically make sure you are clean shaven, with no tan, fake or real, fill out our laser form, then straight into the treatment room you go.

Once in the treatment room, your therapist will let you know a little more about how the laser works, you put some super cool eye wear to protect you from the light and in no time its basically over.

Laser treatment with Candela  Gentle Laser is pretty much pain free and super quick. The therapist will mark up your area and ask “how’s it feeling?” through out the treatment, with cold air blowing direct onto the area being treated, and eases any flicking feeling you may feel.

One treatment is done, the therapist may ask if you would like to apply “post treatment” cream, to ease any irritation, then get dressed, then book your next treatment. We recommend your next appointments happen monthly as time goes with your treatment you might get it pushed out to every 6 weeks (how awesome is that) in between each treatment. There’s no pulling, waxing or tanning, and as the hair grows, simply shave.

Our laser machine is the most up to date, latest and greatest offering you Super quick, pain free treatments. By the time you know it you will have NO HAIR growing back and still have a few sessions left to top up with to make sure hair is ALL GONE.

With summer around the corner, now is the time to get laser, so you can be hair free.

You will think “why didn’t I start this process sooner?”!!

Ask our therapists about our most competitive laser hair prices – which makes us Sydney’s Northern Beaches most trusted laser Hair therapists.

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