Meet Dr Sarah Freilich | Cosmetic Doctor at Glenrose Beauty Gallery

Meet Dr Sarah Freilich | Cosmetic Doctor at Glenrose Beauty Gallery

A bit about Dr Sarah Freilich…

“I’ve worked in the industry for 15 years. I became interested in cosmetic injectables because I loved that a minimally invasive procedure could make women feel fresher, less tired and better about themselves without going under the knife. I also felt there was a need for more people in the industry to do cosmetic injectables in a soft, subtle way without the approach that ‘bigger is better’. From a personal perspective, it’s an industry that plays to my strengths – I have a steady hand!”


Most popular treatment

“The most popular treatment is probably still botulinum toxin injections. We aren’t allowed to name the brands due to TGA rules, but reducing frowns and crow’s feet is still the most popular request I get.”


Dr Sarah Freilich’s favourite treatment

“I love an immediate result, and with dermal fillers you get that instant gratification – botulinum toxin takes a few days to work. My favourite treatment is cheek fillers, as it provides an instant lift to the lower face; a little bit of projection along the cheekbone giving radiance straight away. 


What she gets done herself:

“‘A shoemaker’s son always goes barefoot’; likewise, I don’t do my own injectables as much as I’d like to. I certainly have botulinum toxin in my crow’s feet and frown lines, but wear a fringe so don’t do my forehead. I also pop some dermal filler into my cheeks to give me a bit of lift. I have had filler in my lips before but don’t like to overdo it because I’m a big fan of the natural, fresh look. 


Exciting developments in the industry

Right now I’m pretty pumped about the new dermal filler I’ve been using which has an added antioxidant in it. That’s an exciting development to dermal fillers! I’m also excited about using polydioxonone threads (PDO threads). They’re minimally invasive and take a bit of time to see the full effects but make the skin more taut and firmer, with minimal downtime. 

To experience first hand the steady hands and magic fingers of Dr Sarah Freilich, book in for your next injectable with our resident cosmetic doctor. 

Cosmelan Peel Treatment

Cosmelan Peel Treatment


One of the most asked about questions in our clinic today is “How do I get rid of my pigmentation?” And all though there are treatments out there that can definitely help eliminate stubborn pigmentation like Laser, skin needling and home care products, this treatment has to be the most effective and it can be treated on ALL skin types.

When Connie, GBG salon owner told me about the this treatment I had to try it. Because like most clients I suffered from pigmentation from pregnancy, sun damage, freckles and sunspots that for years I just wanted to shift. It has minimal down time and is pain free, with most of the treatment completed in the comfort of you own home.

So if you suffer from pigmentation then you will want to read on about the amazing treatment with 98% success rate of eliminating all your pigmentation issues. And my journey to the best skin I have ever had!!

Mesoestetics Cosmelan peel treatment is compatible with ANY skin photo type. Highly effective for ALL kind of skin blemishes ( Melasma, chloasma, senile blemishes, pregnancy blemishes, sunspots, blemishes due to oral contraceptives ect). The Cosmelan method can be initiated at any time of the year, provided the patient use a dermalogical sun protection on a daily basis, so as to permit exposer to the sun without negative effects on the blemishes treated.

The treatment beganin the salon with Connie giving a thorough in-depth look at my skin and area to be treated. A deep cleanse with the mesoestic products, then the mask applied. The mask is like a thick brown coloured cream that is then to be left on for up to 12hrs. I would recommend having the treatment done at a time so you can at least wash it off before bed. You then go home with the peel on and leave for the required time – this may vary depending on your skin.

You are given a home pack of products that you are then to continue to use at home once you have washed off the peel.

My skin the next day was slightly red, and by day two did start to peel (again this will vary depending on your skin) – mine was honestly ok. I could still go out and about with my kids and did not feel like my skin was an issue. Your skin will peel for a good few days, but you will start to see a difference straight away. Connie then got me to come back into the salon for a complimentary omnilux light treatment which was fabulous for the healing process of my skin while it was shedding. The home care products really are amazing and with daily use of the easy home care products then continued to improve my results.

After the first week I noticed a massive change in my skin. Not only had my pregnancy pigmentation gone, but sunspots, sun damage and also my pores were more refined, skin was plumper and it looked so much brighter.

I honestly cannot rave enough about this treatment. I’m currently pregnant with number 3 and have had some pigmentation return due to hormones. However I’m so excited to have this treatment again.
It has;
– quick results
– minimal to no pain
– gentle for all skin types
– carries few side effects
– fast results in as little as two weeks
– treatment can be performed all year round
– effective for acne patients
– helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles as an added bonus

I highly recommend this treatment and could almost guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

You can easily book in a free consultation in the salon and ask about the introductory offer that is current. Call us on 9453 5100.

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