We’re super excited to announce a brand new machine to add to our making-you-look-and-feel-amazing arsenal. Drumroll please… Secret RF is here!

Secret RF is a radio frequency (that’s what the RF stands for) fractional microneedling system that delivers tailored energy to improve fine lines, wrinkles and scars from the inside out.

What is Secret RF fractional microneedling?

Using an array of very fine sterilised needles to create microscopic wounds at various predetermined depths in the dermis, without affecting the epidermis, Secret RF is ideal for skin tightening, wrinkle and pore size reduction, acne and acne scar treatments.

These microscopic wounds stimulate new collagen production and subsequent dermal thickening, ideal for plumping of wrinkles and acne scarring and general youthful glow. And we’re here for it. 

Who can benefit from microneedling?

If you look in the mirror and see:

  • Loose skin and wrinkles on the face, around eyes, the cheeks, neck and decolletage;
  • Enlarged pores, facial veins, rosacea and flushing;
  • Local areas of scarring; and/or
  • Acne and acne scarring…

Then Secret RF is for you. Best of all, its effects are long lasting. Collagen production and remodelling occurs four to six weeks after your treatment, and actually continues for three months afterwards. Skin tone and texture will improve, pigmentation can lighten and you can expect to see a smoothing of wrinkles. Most people will benefit from between three to six treatments, but with almost zero downtime, it is the holy grail of results: surgery free, enduring results for a smoother, more glowing you.

Contact the team now to experience it for yourself.