If you grew up through the 90s then you – like me – have over plucked your eyebrows.

Now the thick bushy brows are back we are all scrambling to fix the damage.

Fortunately there are many options on the market now, but mostly can be fixed with a shape and tint.
The tint applied is similar to hair colour and have them shaped also can give you the lovely thick look that can last 4-6 weeks.

If you are feeling a little more adventurous and wanting something more permanent. Eyebrow tattooing is quickly becoming more popular.

At Glenrose Beauty Gallery we offer a free consultation which will see Mary, our highly trained eyebrow specialist, mark out the right shape brow to suit your face.

Feather tattooing is the technique that is natural giving you a 3D affect to create the look of fine hair strokes.The treatment its self will see you arrive with numbing creaming applied to the area. The treatment will see you in the salon for around 1.5 hrs.

Once finished and up to 5 days you cannot get the area wet and must apply a topical cream to avoid scabbing, the area may appear a little red but not much downtime.

You will then be left with the eyebrows you have only dreamed of, lasting you 2 years before you maybe needing a touch up, which is included in the initial cost of $600.

Call our salon today and speak with Mary to book in your free consultation !


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