What is Microneedling or skin needling? 

What is Microneedling or skin needling? 

So many cosmetic procedures, like microneedling, are non-invasive, require no downtime and deliver such impressive results that it’s hard to find a reason not to try them. 

Microneedling, or skin needling, is a procedure that uses tiny needles to puncture the skin. Sounds scary, but it’s not. If you’ve ever had acupuncture you’ll know that super fine needles mean hardly any pain at all. And the benefits are so glowy, it’s all worth it. 

Why try microneedling?

Well, for two reasons: Firstly, the pinpricks create mini ‘injuries’ on the skin, which cause your body to kickstart the skin’s healing mode. In technical terms, this leads to the generation of growth factors which stimulate the production of collagen and elastin in the papillary layer of the dermis. In layman’s terms, this means plumper, more youthful skin. Secondly, those ‘holes’ made by the needles create micro-channels that allow your skin care formulas to absorb into the skin more effectively and penetrate more deeply. Read: your skin care works better, faster.

Skin needling results

Microneedling is no one-trick pony. It produces similar results to dermabrasion, lasers and deep chemical peels, but is much less invasive. Also, because skin needling stimulates the production of collagen, it helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines (pores, too), as well as improves skin sagging.

Then there’s its ability to heal skin, which means it can help fade scars including acne scarring and stretch marks, while improving overall skin texture. 

What you can expect on the day

At the start of a microneedling treatment, a numbing cream is applied to the skin. This reduces the pain felt, although you will still experience some mild discomfort. Don’t worry, it’s definitely tolerable.

Next, the practitioner will work a Dermapen over the face to pierce tiny holes in the skin’s surface. The needles used are so fine and only puncture the outermost layers of skin, so bleeding is rare (but completely fine, should it occur). It only takes about 30 minutes to microneedle the whole face.

Post-treatment, you will very likely experience redness, similar to moderate sunburn, but this usually subsides within 24 hours. You will also experience skin tightness and mild sensitivity to touch. This will diminish greatly after a few hours following treatments and within the next 48 hours your skin will be completely healed. You may feel like going makeup-free for a while after your treatment – a) because it will give your skin a chance to breathe and heal, and reduces the risk of irritation if your skin is feeling a little sensitive, and b) once the benefits of microneedling kick in, your skin will look all glowy and bright that you won’t want to hide under a veil of foundation.

How much does it cost?

Not as much as you think, thanks to our awesome Mother’s Day offer – book in three needling sessions ($299 each), and get three free light sessions. Or buy a $150 or more gift voucher for Mum, and receive a free light voucher! Contact us today to find out more. 

Skin peel + light therapy = a serious skin glow-up

Skin peel + light therapy = a serious skin glow-up

Bonnie and Clyde. Thelma and Louise. Woody and Buzz… great pairs make magic happen, so it makes sense that when we’re looking for an ultimate power skin move, two treatments are better than one.


First, a peel

We’re talking a zero-downtime peel, recommended for skin brightening and can also help with hyperpigmentation and acne. It includes a double cleanse and then exfoliating peel mask, to help prep the skin and clear it of all dirt, toxins and sebum, ready for the healing light therapy to begin. 


Then, the LED light treatment

LED Light Therapy is a pain-free, non-invasive, soothing and rejuvenating skin treatment that uses varying wavelengths of light. It’s calming and antibacterial properties help regenerate the skin and increase the healing process, and is perfect for skin rejuvenation, acne, inflammation and rosacea. 

The blue light helps remove the bacteria that causes acne and generates cellular activity that deals with age spots and sun damage. The Red light is known for its anti-ageing properties while also helping to brighten skin and reduce the formation of pigmentation marks, age spots. The red light also stimulates collagen which means a smoother and fuller complexion, and a healthier glow.


Why we love them together

This treatment works at a cellular level to stimulate the healing mechanisms in the skin. Omnilux and Healite Therapy is an effective treatment that helps activate your skin’s natural renewal system to reverse the effects of aging, while restoring a younger and healthier appearance. Both lights bathe the skin in a warming light which plumps the deepest skin cell layers, providing hydration and radiance to the skin.

Also, there is no downtime with either treatment, so you can resume usual activities immediately, plus the two together take only 30 minutes. Book in, pop over in your lunch hour, and you can be back at your desk without anyone noticing anything – except perhaps your gorgeous, glowing skin. 

Glenrose Beauty Gallery is currently offering a great half-price deal – a skin peel and Omnilux light therapy for only $99 (normally $200). Book in today.

Cosmelan | The ultimate pigmentation treatment

Cosmelan | The ultimate pigmentation treatment

Summer’s over and, for those who suffer from hyperpigmentation, despair can settle in – not just knowing that winter is coming but also that their skin is showing the blemishes and uneven skin tone extended sun exposure can produce.

Anyone concerned with pigmentation, melasma, sun damage and hyperpigmentation caused by sun, pregnancy or acne can benefit. Melasma can present itself as bilateral patches of uneven skin tone on cheeks, forehead and upper lip, whilst acne scars are often brown marks on the skin. 

The good news is thanks to the years of research and the clever scientists at Mesoestetic, we can help you achieve up to 95% reduction in pigmentation and finally have an even complexion without the use of lasers or even foundation. Cosmelan fades the appearance of existing and stubborn pigmentation whilst preventing the formation of future pigmentation production.


How does Cosmelan work? 

This safe and non-invasive procedure treats the source of pigment formation and delivers you a brighter, clearer and more clarified luminous complexion. The Cosmelan treatment works by decreasing the skin’s melanin production by inhibiting the enzyme tyrosinase. Inhibition of the tyrosinase is only activated during treatment application; when finished, the enzyme recovers its activity producing new melanin, particularly if there is sun exposure.  Because of this, proper use of home care products is a must, as is wearing SPF and staying out of the sun (but you knew that).


What can I expect?

An in-clinic mask is applied at our clinic – this remains on your face for eight hours (the treatment itself only takes around 20-30 minutes). The mask is washed off at home, after which you may expect up to 7 days of light to heavy peeling, redness, sensitivity and mild swelling. One client who was unhappy with her pregnancy-hormone induced hyperpigmentation wrote a full account of the procedure if you want to know more.

After the initial week, skin appears luminous, revived, fresh and smooth.The Cosmelan pack includes take home products to assist in the skin’s healing phase and prevent pigment from returning. Most clients see a dramatic reduction in just one session and to ensure long-lasting results, home care products are recommended.

Glenrose Beauty Gallery is currently offering Cosmelan depigmentation treatment for $1200, including three free light therapies and a home-care pack.

DMK at-home skincare | Working together with your salon professional

DMK at-home skincare | Working together with your salon professional

Great skin care begins at home, particularly when used in conjunction with regular in-salon facials. DMK understands the importance of this two-pronged strategy, having developed its signature enzyme facials in conjunction with a prescriptive DMK at-home skincare range. Best of all, you can experience it first hand with our special deal: purchase three enzyme facials, and receive a free set of DMK at-home skincare products (valued at $120) tailored to your particular skin type.

Understanding enzymes

Enzymes are natural living substances in the body to regulate health. They also work with some minerals in the body to create a system of antioxidants to eliminate toxic free radicals. Enzymes should strengthen the skin’s structural integrity to make cells thrive and live healthily. With Enzyme Therapy, skin can be firmer, clearer, softer, and more responsive to other skincare treatments.

DMK’s Enzyme Therapy is aimed at creating a healthier venue for cells to keep them thriving and capable of generating healthy skin. According to DMK founder, Danné Montague, this therapy is effective because it goes deeper than the skin’s surface and works with the natural systems of the body. This way, Enzyme Treatment rebuilds the skin’s core strength to make it more vibrant and healthier.

With Enzyme Therapy, your skin’s function can be optimised as the treatment stimulates lymphatic drainage, oxygenation, and circulation to strengthen and tighten skin as collagen production is enhanced. It also encourages reverse osmosis to flush through the cells and clear away the free radicals and toxins, and increase free water levels to make skin youthful and bouncy.

DMK at-home skincare

DMK Skin Revision Home Prescriptive products are created based on decades of research, knowledge and experience to produce precise formulations. Each product is designed to work with specific internal functions of the skin by matching the body’s chemistry to work effectively in tangent with DMK professional treatments.

The masques, cleansers and exfoliants continue to remove dead cell material and toxins while the nutrient rich oils, serums and spritzes work to rebuild the skin’s structures and functions.

Everyday applying Home Prescriptives helps to protect the skin from the sun, free radicals and other environmental factors while they assist to maintain and prolong the results achieved in DMK professional treatments.

Acne prone skin

Acne is a chronic inflammatory condition of the hair follicle and its sebaceous gland in which dead cells block the follicle and trap bacteria and oil in the pore; forming pustules, cysts, blackheads, and scars. There is no single cause for acne to develop. It can be a genetic condition or triggered by internal/ external factors such as hormonal imbalances, stress, medications, and climate conditions. Not surprisingly, acne is often accompanied by low self-esteem, anxiety and depression amongst teenagers and adults.

DMK’s Deep Pore Cleanser, Herb & Mineral Mist, Protect, ACU Creme work together to help flush out embedded impurities, naturally toning and detoxifying the skin, and gently regulate cell turnover to return your skin to balanced harmony. 

Ageing skin

Ageing skin has different needs to your skin at other ages in your life. DMK’s Milk Cleanser is clinically proven to loosen debris deep within thThis milky cleanser is ideal for fragile, lipid-dry or reactive skin such as those prone to eczema or dermatitis. The botanical extracts help to nourish and soothe the skin.

Bookending the 4-step skincare routine, which also includes herb & Mineral Mist and Protect, is Biogen C Creme DMK’s ‘beauty in a flash’ crème, fantastic for people who want to look refreshed and youthful. Formulated using collagen boosting ingredients that help to improve the skin’s elasticity, it works to tone and tighten the skin. To help plump fine lines and smooth out wrinkles, Biogen C binds water to skin cells and increases overall hydration. Biogen C can also be used to strengthen weakened capillaries and calm skin under environmental stress.

Remember, great skin can be yours with a free set of DMK at-home skincare set when you purchase three DMK enzyme facials. Contact the salon to find a time that works for you, or go to our online booking system and book in today.

Yumi Lash Lift | The 6 things you need to know

Yumi Lash Lift | The 6 things you need to know

Yumi lash lifts are a great alternative to lash extensions or growth serums. They differ to lash perms in that instead of the tight curl a rod/roller will give you – resulting in lashes that can sometimes look even shorter –  your lashes are “lifted” using curved silicone forms and keratin, giving a gradual curl that makes your lashes look really long. 

What is keratin?

Keratin is a strong, fibrous protein naturally found in your hair, skin and nails. These keratin proteins are in each individual hair shaft. And each protein is held together by disulphide and hydrogen bonds. Hair types (curly, straight, wavy, etc.) are determined by these bonds.

The Yumi lash lift method

It’s pretty simple on your part. You lie down and shut your eyes. Shields are taped underneath the eye, on top of the lower lashes, to protect them during the treatment. Silicone moulds are then placed on closed eyelids; the size depends on the level of lift and curl that you desire. Next, lashes are combed backwards onto the moulds (this sets the shape), and perming treatment is applied to the roots. After approximately 10 minutes, the treatment is removed and a neutraliser is applied. A tint is applied to deepen colour and lashes are released from the mould with a condition serum, and gently combed loose. 

Does it hurt?

There’s no pain or discomfort beyond the normal someone’s-doing-something-in-my-eye-region. Expect your appointment to last about 1.5 hours – a little longer than a lash perm.

After your Yumi lash lift

It’s important not to get your lashes wet for 48 hours. That means keeping them dry while showering, taking your makeup off or crying with joy at how gorgeous your lashes are.

How long does it last? 

A Yumi keratin lash lift can last up to 12 weeks, so you should wait at least eight weeks between treatments.

How much does a Yumi lash lift cost?

$130, and for a limited time book a friend in and they get their lash lift half price! Just head to our website and see the results for yourself.

Active skincare | “Are AHAs and retinols okay to use in the summer?”

Active skincare | “Are AHAs and retinols okay to use in the summer?”

Look, you won’t find anyone who loves active skincare as much as us. All of those lovely, resurfacing serums that reduce the appearance of large pores, fade dark spots and soften fine lines and wrinkles. AHAs and BHAs are chemical exfoliants. They work gently to break bonds on the skin’s surface, allowing dead skin cells to be removed without a manual scrub.

Up until your early-30s, your cells turn over every 28 days, creating a fresh layer of untouched, pristine skin. But after you hit your mid-30s, cell regeneration slows down, turning over every 50, 60, or 70 days. Slower cell regeneration is what causes your face to look dry, dull and wrinkled. 


How active skincare works

Retinol sinks into your skin and speeds up cell turnover, causing your body to churn out fresher, smoother skin again. It essentially tricks your body into thinking it’s younger than it is, effectively creating a real-life Benjamin Button scenario. 

Although alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) facial treatments and retinoids keep your skin clear and glowing, these products can be irritating during the summer months.

Experts recommend lightening up on products that can be sun-sensitising, like glycolic/AHA and retinoids, especially under our harsh Australian sun.

If you’re a long-time user, and don’t already, switch to only wearing actives at night, or even every other night. 


Why you need SPF

We know we don’t have to say it, but use sun protection. All year round. Should you have downgraded your SPF (or even worse, not used one) in the winter, then now is certainly the time to go back to daily SPF.

We have a few excellent ones from UltraCeuticals and HydroPeptide which offer broad-spectrum sun protection and non-greasy formulations to ensure your carefully applied face doesn’t end up sliding down come noon. Both SPFs also come in a tinted option, which is a great low-maintenance summer look.

Pop in today to check them out, or check our wares online.